Best Non-Annuity Credit Cards Available In Brazil

What is a credit card annuity?   Annuity fee , by definition, is simply an agreement that requires the bearer to make a single payment or a series of monthly payments of a certain amount of money for a predetermined period of time. The annuity applied to the cost of use on a credit card […]

Unsecured Credit Card – Meet + 10 Card Options

CONTENT INDEX Credit Card Without Consultation Do You Want One? What is the purpose of consulting the CPF in Serasa or SPC? What is the objective of the credit analysis process? Credit cards without consultation to SPC or Serasa exist? 11 Banks and financiers approving card without consultation Card without payroll consultation – who can […]

How Many Visa Or Mastercard Credit Cards Should We Have?

CONTENT INDEX Have Visa and Mastercard cards to be governed Plan your expenses with your Visa or Mastercard credit card Because having a Visa or Mastercard is a good idea Why using another credit card can be bad? Use debit card instead of cash Have Visa and Mastercard cards to be governed   Today it […]

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