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If you want to borrow money then you can choose from various types of loans including the 2 popular loan forms the revolving credit and the personal loan.

On this page, we inform you extensively about the personal loan and what its characteristics are.

A personal loan is a loan where you borrow a certain amount that has been agreed in advance with you and the lender. In advance, there are always a number of issues, including the amount of the amount, the interest and also the term. This also determines the amount of redemption, so it can not change during the term. This leenoort gives a lot of certainty and clarity. You always know how much the personal loan will cost you in total. That’s handy. Because you know in advance how much an object you want to finance with loan costs you. A feature of the personal loan is that you can not re-take any money that has been repaid once. This is only possible with revolving credit. So you know for sure that you are paying money and have a stick behind the door. In most cases, you can, however, redeem your loan early. Sometimes there is a penalty against this (maximum 1% of the total loan sum).

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Borrowing with a personal loan automatically means that you borrow money in a responsible manner. You borrow a fixed amount and pay off the loan in equal monthly installments. Try to extend the term of the loan to the life of the object to be financed, for example, a car. You can usually already take out a small personal loan from € 5000. Champion is the best loan provider for quick personal loans.

All characteristics of the personal loan

When borrowing money it is always important to know all ins and outs. You enter into an obligation for possibly a few years. That is why we will tell you below what the most important characteristics are of this type of loan. Below you will find a handy overview of the characteristics.

Feature 1

Loan amount and term. A personal loan is an excellent form of loan for those who know exactly how much money they need. Agreements are made in advance about the amount of the loan and the term is also known. So you know when the loan has been repaid.

Feature 2

Interest. The interest on a personal loan is fixed. This never changes during the term! You know exactly how much the loan costs in total. This is in contrast to the revolving credit.

Feature 3

The same monthly installments. Because of the loan amount, the term and the interest are fixed in advance and are unchangeable, you pay exactly the same monthly amount every month. You pay a monthly amount in which the interest and repayment are partly processed.

Feature 4

Termination of contract after the term. Have you completely repaid the loan? Then you can not withdraw money again. Unless of course, you take out a new loan.