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If you want to borrow money then you can choose from various types of loans including the 2 popular loan forms the revolving credit and the personal loan.

On this page, we inform you extensively about the personal loan and what its characteristics are.

A personal loan is a loan where you borrow a certain amount that has been agreed in advance with you and the lender. In advance, there are always a number of issues, including the amount of the amount, the interest and also the term. This also determines the amount of redemption, so it can not change during the term. This leenoort gives a lot of certainty and clarity. You always know how much the personal loan will cost you in total. That’s handy. Because you know in advance how much an object you want to finance with loan costs you. A feature of the personal loan is that you can not re-take any money that has been repaid once. This is only possible with revolving credit. So you know for sure that you are paying money and have a stick behind the door. In most cases, you can, however, redeem your loan early. Sometimes there is a penalty against this (maximum 1% of the total loan sum).

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Borrowing with a personal loan automatically means that you borrow money in a responsible manner. You borrow a fixed amount and pay off the loan in equal monthly installments. Try to extend the term of the loan to the life of the object to be financed, for example, a car. You can usually already take out a small personal loan from € 5000. Champion is the best loan provider for quick personal loans.

All characteristics of the personal loan

When borrowing money it is always important to know all ins and outs. You enter into an obligation for possibly a few years. That is why we will tell you below what the most important characteristics are of this type of loan. Below you will find a handy overview of the characteristics.

Feature 1

Loan amount and term. A personal loan is an excellent form of loan for those who know exactly how much money they need. Agreements are made in advance about the amount of the loan and the term is also known. So you know when the loan has been repaid.

Feature 2

Interest. The interest on a personal loan is fixed. This never changes during the term! You know exactly how much the loan costs in total. This is in contrast to the revolving credit.

Feature 3

The same monthly installments. Because of the loan amount, the term and the interest are fixed in advance and are unchangeable, you pay exactly the same monthly amount every month. You pay a monthly amount in which the interest and repayment are partly processed.

Feature 4

Termination of contract after the term. Have you completely repaid the loan? Then you can not withdraw money again. Unless of course, you take out a new loan.

Fast Credit Online – Payday Loan

How to choose a mini credit online?

How to choose a payday credit online?

Many private equity companies offer the first online payday credit without interest or additional payments, this means that the customer will only pay the amount that has been granted. But, if a new payday-loan is subsequently requested , which will be granted if the debt has been paid, interest will be charged. Before choosing the payday credit it is necessary to compare between several lender companies to decide which of them offers better conditions.

Before deciding on a company with private or other capital, it is necessary to make sure of its conditions and when the requested money will be received. It will be taken into account, in the case of needing the money the same day, that the lender works with the same bank in which the money will be received, in this way, it can be enjoyed in less than 20 minutes . Otherwise, the money may take between 24 and 48 hours to be available in the customer’s account.

The return period should also be considered and if it is possible to return the money ahead of time. Generally, in the private equity companies, interest is paid daily; for that reason, the sooner the payday-credit is returned, the less interest will be paid. The amount of money that can be requested will vary depending on the monthly income of the applicant and their fixed expenses. Many lenders do not require that the income their client receives comes from a payroll, but that they are enough to cover the payment of the debt once they have met the expenses that they have each month, such as the payment of the rent. or mortgage plus the money necessary to cover the daily expenses.

To calculate and compare the interest that is going to be paid, it is necessary to know the APR that is going to be applied to the payday credit. The average is 20%, the lower the APR, the less interest will be paid. It is important to know how much money is needed accurately and not request more than that amount, because the more money is asked, the more interest will be paid for it.


Requirements to apply for a payday credit online

Requirements to apply for a mini credit online

Each lender company has its own requirements to apply for a payday credit online, but, in general, those who will request are the following:

  • Be of age. For some private equity companies, the financial age of majority is considered at 21 years old, others have payday credits and specific credits for 18 year olds.
  • Have monthly income . Many private equity companies do not put as a condition that these revenues come from a payroll, others do. In any case, the amount of money borrowed in a payday credit online will depend on the income of the applicant and the confidence that the lender company has in their client. If it is a new client, usually the amount borrowed will not be very high; later, and if the client returns the payday credit without incidents, the company will put at his disposal higher amounts of money.
  • Reside in Spain permanently . This will be demonstrated by providing a copy of the DNI or NIE.
  • Be the holder of a bank account of a bank located in Spanish territory . If you want to receive the money from the online payday credit, it is necessary to find out if the lender works with the same bank in which the account is held. In general, private equity companies work with several banks. Before applying for the online payday credit, it is possible to find out about their conditions and the banking institutions with which they work.

It is also important, in the case of requesting money on weekends or holidays, to be informed of their schedules and if it is going to be possible to receive the money immediately, since not working during those days, the money will take between 24 and 48 hours to be available in the customer’s account.

  • Be responsible. Payday online credits were created to be used responsibly, not as a usual financing method. Private equity companies encourage this responsibility and can deny payday credits to clients who request them on a recurring basis.